The current coach

Jerry 'Wu Tang'

Jerry 'Wu Tang' Started training BJJ/MMA in late 2001 ,He is a Black Belt under Fabio Araujo (3rd Degree Black Belt under Carlson GracieSr.). There were many schools he were affiliated and trained with; Renzo Gracie(Stamford and New York City), CTMMA (Connecticut Mix Martial Arts), but theschools he primarily trains with are Carlson Gracie Connecticut and GracieSports. A few greats he trained under were Renzo Gracie, MasterMarcio'Macarrão' Stambowsky, Roger Denton, Grand Master CarlsonGracie, Carlson Gracie Jr., Fabio Araujo and many others. The BJJ style that*Wu Tang* inhibits is very effective for sport and self defense.


Bear manager of Asia animal fund, one of the founders of the club, the first Brazilian jiujitsu purple belt in Southwest China, has been upgraded to brown belt on November 25, 2018. He is busy inside and outside for the club! Part time customer service, management, internal service, field service, translation and other work! He is good at control and inferior playing. His tactical style is steady. He has studied Brazilian jujitsu for more than 9 years in various domestic competitions for a long time. Now he is the coach of basic courses and children's courses. His style is exquisite and he pays attention to details.


Brazilian jiujitsu brown belt has been training since 2015. At present, the full-time coach in the museum deals with the daily affairs of the college, technical engine, is good at all kinds of subduing skills, meticulous teaching, solid basic skills, and has many fans.

About Academy

成都巴西柔术学院最早开始于2010年,前身是成都巴西柔术俱乐部,2010年来自英国的巴西柔术蓝带Jamie在剑道馆开始教学巴西柔术,创始人Boris和石学良机缘巧合前去学习,同年Boris亲手设计了三角熊猫的俱乐部标志,2011年3月正式成立俱乐部,取名成都巴西柔术俱乐部(CDBJJ CLUB),非盈利性质爱好者俱乐部,立意为成都乃至西南地区顶尖的巴西柔术(BJJ)爱好者集聚交流地,推广巴西柔术。



学员由最初的几人发展到上百人,为了扩大发展,2016年7月1日场地变更到陕西街106号5楼,改名为成都巴西柔术学院(CDBJJ Academy)! 立意成为西南地区最好的纯巴西柔术道馆,为西南地区的巴西柔术发展奠定了坚实的基础,是整个西南地区巴西柔术的摇篮。2020年9月开立蜀汉路分馆,目前在训学员共计200人左右,趋于行业龙头。











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